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Organizer's required around the world 
 to conduct our workshops on 
Reiki, Self Hypnosis and other healing sciences

Sombo offers Past Life Therapy, Life Script Change, Hypnotherapy 

  This site is dedicated for the Humanity. The nature, the Creator, is so wonderful but it  is  unfortunate that  we  have   kept  our  eyes closed and have not identified its love, beauty, care  and   healing   touch. Today, in this World,  we  resort to all sorts of modern & ultra modern techniques to  heal ourselves, many a  times  in vain.   But it is so easy to get health, wealth & prosperity to live in   this   Universe. This  Web  Site emphasizes the beauty of getting back health, wealth  and  prosperity  of  the self   and to  live in  harmony with the nature.  

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